If You’re Thinking of Getting Started with WordPress Read This

It’s no secret, I love the WordPress platform. It can be used for simple blogging and for complex Enterprise level websites. I often consult with people who either haven’t heard of it at all or have heard about it but aren’t quite sure how to get started with WordPress.

This post will be short and sweet but it contains a link that I consider a must-read for anyone wanting to build their own website powered by WordPress.

Enter Bridget Willard

Bridget Willard WordPress

Who the hell is Bridget and why should you care? Bridget describes herself this way:

Secretary by Trade, Teacher by Degree, Marketer by Instinct

But she’s so much more when it comes to helping the WordPress community and potentially, you. I’ve only known her online for a few months but in that time I’ve seen her become familiar with WordPress and the community around it. She has a unique perspective because it wasn’t that long ago when she got started and I think anyone considering getting started with WordPress needs to read her blog posts detailing her experiences with the platform thus far.

Get to the Point Adam!

Ok. Long story short, read these posts from her to get some insight on getting started with WordPress, the value she’s gained from the software and by getting involved in the community.

Happy reading!

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