My New Project – SucceedWithWP

I’ve started a new project but before going live, I had to do some cleanup of my WordPress blogging and business life. If you follow this site or my previous sites at and, you may have noticed some changes recently. In an effort to organize and streamline I’ve consolidated those two sites and have imported all the posts there into Over 350 posts!

This allowed me to better focus on a brand new project named SucceedWithWP which is really the culmination of what I’ve learned in building WordPress powered businesses in the past 10 years but more importantly, teaching others how to do the same using this platform I’m so invested in.

Let’s grow your WordPress-powered business together. For free.

That tagline really says it all. SWWP contains free tutorials like I’ve always provided, but with a very specific target toward building a sustainable business with your blog. I’m trying very hard to make sure this site doesn’t fall into the already saturated “make money online” niche that we all love to hate.

In my journey with WordPress and online business, I’ve had more failures than successes and have been derailed by shiny object syndrome more than once. I’m at a point now where my understanding of creating and growing website businesses has come together and it’s something I want to share with others.

WordPress is Evolving Too

Just before I started writing this post, I updated this site to WP 4.4 which was just released a few hours ago. This release comes a great new feature named post embeds. You can see the result of post embeds below. In short, it’s a really easy way to pull in extra information like post title, featured image, excerpt and site link when simply pasting the url to another WordPress site’s blog post.

But this post isn’t about the evolution of WordPress and all the new possibilities it’s creating. It’s just a simple announcement about my new site. I was also anxious to test the post embed feature.

I’ll be creating more in-depth tutorials about those new features and much more on SucceedWithWP. If you’re still interested in learning how to leverage WordPress and grow your own blogging business, get on the email list or become a free member of the SucceedWithWP forums.

The very first post on that site is a tutorial about the WordPress Desktop app for Mac.