WP Modder App Now Available on Android Devices

The WP Modder mobile app is now available in the Android Marketplace. Check it out. Now more people can read and watch our WordPress tutorials and information while in the bathroom!

WordPress Tutorials Now Available on Android Devices
WordPress Tutorials Now Available on Android Devices

Why Did We Focus on Android?

Because we love you. As you may know, our app has been available for iOS devices since early last fall. It was always our intention to expand our reach into additional mobile markets, and we’re very pleased to reach this milestone.

What’s Next for WP Modder Apps?

WP Modder is still alive and well. We are undergoing a restructuring of this site and our other WP and content strategy related sites. This means a complete overhaul of the app and it’s features are coming. Rather than wait for that, we decided to release the Android version and get that off our todo list in order to focus on what you really want…awesome content.

Speaking of Awesome Content…

We’ve been busy analyzing the current content on this site and also our visitors, commentators, and those of you who contact us directly. Why? Because we want to make sure we’re giving you what you want. We’ve identified two distinct audiences on this site.

  • Newcomers to web publishing as a whole, but they know WordPress is the way to go.
  • Experienced publishers already using WordPress and looking to tweak it in one way or another.

We didn’t feel we were serving both groups or users as well as we know we can so we decided to build a few more sites specifically for each distinct user group.

The first of those new sites is WP Pro Business and although only being live for a short while, we are blown away with the great response we’re seeing. Downloads of our free ebook, Business Blogging Quick Start, have been jaw dropping for us! This is validation that people are hungry to learn WordPress and that it is a critical tool for achieving their online goals.

There are more sites to announce, but we can’t just yet;)

Having multiple sites in our network means we are able to separate the focus of our content. New users won’t be overwhelmed by blocks of code examples and experienced users won’t be disappointed when they see a tutorial about some task they’re already adept at accomplishing.

Last But Not Least

We would be nowhere without you reading, sharing, and otherwise supporting our efforts to continue doing our part to build the community.


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