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We were very excited to have Brianna Karp from The Girl’s Guide to Homelessness join us for our first installment of WordPress People. Our new series will feature video, audio, and written interviews with a wide variety of WordPress users.

We hope you enjoy learning all the ways that WordPress is being used, both for business and personal blogs and websites, and Brianna’s story will show you proof of how your website or blog can help to create opportunities and open doors.

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The Girl's Guide to Homelessness - Brianna Karp
Brianna Karp - The Girl's Guide to Homelessness

Photo Credit: Kyria Abrahams

Who is Brianna Karp?

She created the blog The Girl’s Guide to Homelessness and is also now a published author with her book of the same name being published very soon. Brianna became homeless through a set of circumstances that you can read more about here.

When she knew that becoming homeless was imminent, she reached out online and had an immediate response from strangers interested in what she had to say about her situation.

From the first entry on her blog…

In three days, I will be homeless.

This is not by choice (although many individuals before me have chosen this lifestyle and enjoyed the freedoms that it can offer, and if that is what works for them, kudos!) Personally, I enjoy having a permanent residence and the sense of stability and security that it gives me. I look forward to living in an actual house again. However, it is what it is – in three days, I will be homeless. There are no caveats here, no “maybe” or “unless” or “possibly I can come up with something before then”. Come Thursday, February 26, I will be making my way on the streets of Orange County as best I can, and I will be considered that most stigmatized of people – a homeless woman.

How Did We Meet?

She started blogging using Blogger and not long after that, I became aware of her story through a video on another site I was following. I wrote about how we connected here. To make a long story short, Brianna moved her blogging to a self-hosted installation of WordPress with our help.

How Does She Use WordPress?

Brianna uses WordPress in many ways. To update her readers on what she’s been up to (and that’s a lot), to promote causes related to homelessness, and also to network with people all over the world.

There’s no doubt that The Girl’s Guide to Homelessness blog has helped to create opportunities and open doors for Brianna. Learn more about Brianna, WordPress, and blogging in our interview below.

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