Making the Technical Stuff Easier

The scariest part of beginning my website was all the technical “back door” stuff that was a bit overwhelming before I had even begun writing. My mind was racing with images of other sites that were established and had tons of content.

Learn WordPress Basics First
Learn Website Basics First


Don’t Over-think

My mistake was over thinking things that were totally unnecessary at the time. My head went into hyper-drive trying to figure out which bells and whistles I wanted, but wasn’t sure which ones I would need, or how I would learn to use them. Here’s a simple example of some of those thoughts:

  • What categories do I need?
  • How many should I have?
  • How many is too many? (the moment my head began to throb)
  • How do I know which ones to choose?
  • Parent category or no parent category?
  • Can I change them later or not? (the moment my head exploded)

Stay in the Present

In that present moment the thing I needed was a basic blog setup. Why? Well, I had no content! I didn’t need categories because there was nothing to categorize and I got way ahead of myself. The first thing I needed to do was create an “about” page, a simple contact page, and then move ahead with content. My head thanked me and all the pressure was released because what I needed in that moment was really simple.

Add as You Need

I found it infinitely easier to add things as I needed them, because you won’t know what you’ll need until you need it. Things generally don’t happen the exact way we think they’re going to happen so have patience and plan as you move ahead.

It can also be frustrating to your readers if you have a bunch of empty categories void of any content. You don’t want to waste their time by having categories with absolutely nothing to list under them.

Learn as You Go

The big plus about adding bells and whistles as you need them is learning how to use them. It’s also infinitely easier learning as you go rather than a crash course in figuring out how everything works at once. You’ll avoid mistakes, be happier for it, and your friends will appreciate your pleasant mood.

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