Working With Categories in WordPress

In this short video you will learn how to help you readers find specific subjects on your website by adding categories and sub-categories and adding your posts to these.

How to Add a New Category to WordPress
Add New Category

Creating categories allow you to group posts or articles together depending on the subject of the content in each post.

Access Categories

You can access your categories by going the the left-hand side bar and selecting the arrow next to the post module. A dropdown menu appears giving you a list of options – click on categories in the menu.

At the top of the screen is the add new category section.

Add New Category

To add a new category enter the category name, category slug, and the category description, then click on the add new category button at the bottom of the screen.


Categories can have a hierarchy – for example – wedding may be a parent category for :


If the one you are adding is a sub-category of an existing parent category, select the parent category from the parent dropdown list. Why would you want to do this? For great website structure and usuability.

Category List

On the right side of your screen you will notice a table that lists all of the categories in the system. When you click on the category name, it will take you to the edit category screen for that category.

If you click on the number under posts, it will take you to the edit post screen for a list of posts under that specific category.

When you hover your cursor over the name of the category you will see a menu of options such as edit, quick edit, and delete.

Edit Category

When you need to edit a category, click on edit under category name and you will be taken to the Edit Category screen. Edit the category name, category slug, and category description, then click the update button to save your changes.

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