Stop Trying to Build Your Online Business

Whether you’ve been trying to build an online business or you’re trying to build a blog for your offline business, you might be running into hurdles.How do you move continually move forward?


You read that correct. Stop trying to get over those hurdles. Stop trying to succeed. Stop trying to make the best website out there. Stop searching for the perfect process or product that will make your online business skyrocket.

Technical. There are many aspects to building a business online. There’s the “techie” stuff of course, which can be challenging, especially when you want to do something seemingly simple like adding some social media icons and links, but the plugins you’ve found aren’t quite what you want.

Marketing. How do you get traffic? More importantly though; how do you attract readers and engagement? Are you familiar with the following phrases? Social media marketing, network marketing, affiliate marketing, attraction marketing. How do you become an expert in any of these areas?


Customization. So you’ve found a theme for your WordPress site that you mostly like. It’s almost perfect except for a few little things you’d like changed. So now you decide you’d like to learn a little HTML, CSS, and PHP so you can make these “quick changes” yourself. The first thing you do is start searching for the solution online. You find people with a similar issue that leads you down a path of experimentation with your code changes, but it’s not quite the same outcome you were looking for. You continue to search and you’re now determined to become an expert at WordPress theme design in order to get the exact look you want.


Convincing People. You’re online business website is live and you want the world to know. Naturally you start with your closest connections. Your family, your friends, your co-workers, someone you’ve just met at the pub. You tell them how awesome it is and what you’re going to do there. How helpful it will be. How it’s going to make you an income and how you will eventually quit your day job and live the life of your dreams.


I speak from experience. Believe me when I beg of you…please stop trying.


How to Build an Online Business

It was only when I stopped TRYING to be an expert at everything to do with my online business that I started to succeed. As I chose to release my tight grip on the things that, if done perfectly, wouldn’t help grow my business, the more I could focus on the tasks that have helped propel my online businesses into what they are today. The more I chose to DO or DO NOT, the higher quality of content I produce and the more meaningful connections I make.


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