MailChimp Email Marketing Feature is Changing – Get Grandfathered Now

MailChimp is our favorite email marketing service, we use it, recommend it, and well, we just love it. We’ve just learned that MailChimp is rolling out an upgrade to their service which promises some great new features, but they are also removing one very important feature that any online business should be using.

MailChimp Email Marketing and List Management
MailChimp Email Marketing and List Management

Forever Free?

MailChimp has the best package of any email marketing service in their entry level plan named aptly, The Forever Free Plan. This plan is 100% free and allows you a total of 2000 users on your email lists and 12,000 email sends per month. Incredible. With the new version rolling out next week, they are removing the Autoresponder feature from the Forever Free plan.

Why Autoresponders Matter

If you’re not familiar with the term Autoresponder or how they’re used, here’s the definition from Remarkable Communication.

An email autoresponder is a pretty simple animal, in comparison. Just a sequence of communication that moves customers in a nice, neat conveyer belt. Invite a prospect into the system by asking her to opt in to get something free and good. Then move her smoothly through different stages until the finished product—a happy customer—pops out the other end.

Get an Account Before Next Week’s Update!

If you sign up for the Forever Free Plan before next week, your account will be grandfathered in and include the Autoresponder feature. Really people, it would be ludicrous not to, even you already use another email marketing service provider.

Learn More About the MailChimp Upgrade

The Autoresponder feature being moved away from the Forever Free Plan and only included in paid plans is not the only change in the upcoming version upgrade. They are also rolling out new email templates and Survey Monkey Integrations. Read more about the upgrade here.

MailChimp is our favorite email marketing and list management service for a reason. They are constantly making improvements to their services and by offering the very liberal free plan, they are dependent on you being a satisfied customer before paying.

That says a lot.