Visual Learners and the Benefits of Screencasting

We already know that different people learn in different ways, and the goal of screencasting software is to help those who are visual learners get the most from training.   While there was a time that screencasting was used strictly for complicated software, the benefits of the tool have now been applied to nearly anything that is done online.  Screencasting software is an effective and budget-friendly way to help your users learn almost anything more quickly.

Just have a look at our free videos as an example.

How to Screencast
Learn to Screencast

Screencasting can be used in a number of ways.  Many businesses are taking advantage of screencasting as a marketing tool.  Once used strictly for tutorials, more companies are finding that they can create effective marketing videos that allow users to experience a product before they buy.

Screencasting can be used to demonstrate how a product works, but it can also be used to highlight the results of your product or service.  You can post your videos to your website, or even make them part of your email marketing campaign and allow users to experience using your product before they make a purchase!

One thing that holds some companies back from experimenting with screencasting is that they worry that they won’t be able to create a “professional” video.  The beauty of this type of video is that you don’t have to worry about all of the production work and costs of a traditional video tutorial.  The whole point of screencasting is to give people a way to learn about your company or teach them how to use your product.

If you have ever heard the expression that a picture is worth a thousand words, a screencast is worth ten times that!  Rather than spending hours building an instructional manual full of screenshots and carefully typed instructions, you can show a user in real time how to use your product, and it doesn’t have to be over-produced or highly technical.  In fact, visual learners will get more from a two-minute screencast than they will from hours of reading!

One product that has become popular among companies hoping to include screencasting in their marketing arsenal is Dave Kiminski’s Screencast Secrets.  This helpful tool is designed to help businesses understand the value of screencasting and show them just how easy it can be.  Dave Kiminski’s Screencast Secrets contains the programs you already have and already use, such as Camtasia and PowerPoint 2010 for Windows users, and KeyNote 09 and ScreenFlow for Mac users.

Dave’s videos will show you that you already have what it takes to start creating useful, quality screencasts that will become some of the most effective marketing and training tools your company has ever used.

The bottom line is that screencasting allows you to have a virtual sales rep and trainer available for every customer.  While there was a time that you would have had to visit each customer in person to show them what you wanted them to see, now, you can create a screencast and send it out to all of your customers at once.

Using screencasting for your company doesn’t have to be complicated, and Dave Kiminski’s Screencast Secrets can help you get started in just a few hours.