Secondary HTML Content Plugin Video Overview

I’ve recently became aware of the “Secondary HTML Contentplugin for WordPress, and after having a quick look at the description, I still Secondary HTML Content WordPress Plugin Overview Videowasn’t quite sure what exactly it was supposed to do. I’m more of a visual learner and I had a hunch that it’s intended usage may not be clear for others either, so I installed the plugin and made a video showing some basics.

The plugin descriptions starts out like this:

Add a second block of HTML content to WordPress pages. A perfect solution for layouts with two distinct content areas or “blocks”, such as a sidebar or two column view. When editing a page, a second WordPress WYSIWYG content editor will appear beneath the standard page editing block.

The description goes on to explain that whatever you enter into this second HTML content area, can be output to your page in a couple of ways. You can add the “Secondary HTML Content” widget to your sidebar or you can use a function inside your template. This video only covers the widget usage.

Thanks for taking the time to watch this video. Please feel free to leave comments below with further questions.