How to Add a Sticky Post to a Wordpress Category Archive Page

We all know that you can add a sticky post to the index page right? WordPress Sticky Post FeatureHave you ever wanted to do the same with a category archive page? One way is to create your own category page template and code in a custom loop, but that’s not really “user-friendly” for most WordPress users. As good news usually goes with WordPress, a plugin exists to help you more easily accomplish this “Category Sticky Post” feature on your site. It’s named AStickyPostsOrderER and it was created by AndreSC. I love the name!

I’ve created a video that gives you a quick overview and also an idea of the possibilities available with this plugin. Incidentally, I’ve created several videos so far and this is the first to show my ugly mug…so be prepared. Ha!

Oh wait, one more thing before the video…don’t forget to enter the WordPress Book Giveaway, it really couldn’t be easier to enter. You’ve got nothing to lose and only WordPress knowledge to gain.

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