Convert Traffic to Customers with Premise Landing Pages

Website owners who use WordPress to create their sites are always on the lookout for plugins that can help them add functionality and style to their pages.  Most experienced owners know that the landing page is one of the most important parts of any site, which is why Premise was created by Copyblogger Media, Inc.

Premise gives you the ability to create seven must-have landing page styles with ease.

  1. Sales Pages
  2. Content (SEO) Pages
  3. Pricing Table Pages
  4. Email Opt In Form Pages
  5. Video Pages
  6. Tab Scroller Pages
  7. Thank You Pages

Premise - Design Converting Pages Like a Pro

The general settings of Premise include the ability to set your landing pages URLs differently from the normal WordPress permalink structure.  This allows you to change settings to modify how the page is displayed, such as by disallowing the landing pages in the robots.txt or rewriting the URLs of your landing pages to make it appear that they exist in the root of your site.  This seemingly simple feature is actually a very well thought out addition by the maker because it covers the way that the majority of people will want to set their permalinks.

The tool also comes with newsletter settings, including support for programs that you may already be using such as Aweber, Constant Contact, and MailChimp.  Premise hooks directly into these programs and then turns your landing pages into sign-up lead generation tools.

There are also style settings that you can use as you pump out landing pages.  Premise offers a surprisingly large number of style settings, including global styles and global links, content area wrap, main headline area, block quotes, notice box, and header are the most often used, but there are many more that you can tinker with to get the look that you want for your site.

Premise Landing Pages Styles and Settings

On the left side of your navigation, you will see the “Landing Pages” section of Premise.  You can view the landing pages you have already created, or you can start creating new pages.  Click on the “Add New” button for Landing Pages, and you will see six different options.  You can create a sales page, pricing page, video page, content landing page, tab scroller page, or opt in page.

The type of page you choose at this stage will determine which page options you will get to choose from.  Deciding which one to choose is easy, if you are not sure, you can read the descriptions to determine which one you are looking for.

The large number of choices that Premise provides in the settings and write screens that you will use to create your landing page is the main reason that Premise has gained so many fans.  The tool is simple to use, and does exactly what you want it to do.  The entire system is run from the backend of WordPress, so you don’t need to know how to program in order to make the system work for you.

Premise - Design Converting Pages Like a Pro

One of the best uses of the tool is to overhaul your existing sales pages- like most things online, if you don’t keep your pages full of recent and relevant info, it can be hard to keep customers (and search engines!) coming back.

Premise allows you to overhaul multiple pages at one time, making it easier to change several pages at once.  But the tool can be used for any type of landing page, and the ease of use is a major benefit to anyone with very many pages to work on.

Your landing pages are the pages that will make you money, so investing in a tool that helps you create them more quickly and with more interesting features is money well spent.

WordPress Landing Pages with Premise