Increase Opt-In Rate to Your AWeber List

What is the whole sales process all about? It is about building relationships with your customers, whether they be your current customers are those you may have in the future. Using a mailing list is an excellent way of establishing communication with potential customers, and you can ultimately build more traffic to your site or blog from those who have joined your mailing lists.

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[jbox color=”green”]So how do you build a mailing list? After all, a list with no subscribers is rather useless.[/jbox]

I’m going to share a tip that applies to those who use the mailing service AWeber and who have a WordPress blog with an RSS feed. With these, you can follow a simple three-step process that will quickly increase your opt-in rate.

  1. The first step is to log in to your AWeber account. You will be setting up a split test, so you will want to make a couple of web forms. These forms can be either of the sidebar or the pop-under variety (although pop-under may work best). Mix up the forms a bit with different styles and colors.
  2. At the bottom of AWeber’s Web form page you will find the option for creating split tests. You simply set up each of your forms to display half of the time. If you wish to try more than two variations, then set it up so that each one displays an equal percentage of the time.
  3. As with the regular forms, you will find a simple link that you can click that generates the HTML code needed to run the split tests. Simply paste that code into the header file of your WordPress blog using the template editor.

You will find the perfect place for the AWeber code to be right after the closing HTML tag. If you prefer, you can paste the code into Apple’s simple text editor, TextEdit, make your changes, and then paste it back into the WordPress editor. (It is a good idea to back up all of your WordPress files before making such modifications.)

After you have made your changes, verify that everything is working properly by visiting your blog yourself. Then, after some time has elapsed and you are getting a good number of visitors, log into your AWeber account and check your statistics.

Modify the split test by replacing the more poorly-converting form with new pop-unders. It is a good idea to experiment a little; try different words, phrases and even text styles and target the best converting ones.

You do not need to make a huge number of changes to the split test of your AWeber opt-in form. Gauge your results depending on the number of visitors you get and the volume of unique displays of your form over a reasonable time period.

You also do not need to spend a huge amount of time split testing. There is no reason why you will need to spend more than a few minutes each month modifying the split test by adding new variables for each of your sites. Persistence in testing will bring you the best results.

I think you’ll find the results of testing to be very positive, perhaps resulting in a 2% increase each time in your mailing list subscribers. Good luck!

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