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We write a lot of content and tutorials here that are designed to help those newer to building websites and Internet Entrepreneurial-ism succeed. Sometimes it’s difficult to visualize the end result of what you hope to achieve with your site without seeing an example of how others are succeeding.

In today’s article, we are profiling This site is a prime example of how you can turn your passion into a thriving business, all powered by WordPress. As you read through the article and look at how the site’s content and features are laid out. Think of your own passion, or product and how you can best display your content and offer your visitors something of value.

Learn to Craft with Recycled Objects
Organic and Recycled Crafting

They say that green is the new black, and for organic crafters, that saying has a lot of meaning.  The crafting process is a journey that takes the creator down a path filled with ideas, inspiration, and excitement, and organic crafting offers just that.  If you have ever looked at something discarded and thought, “I could make something out of that!”, then organic crafting is for you.  Craft Organic is dedicated to the creation of beautiful things from the most unlikely items as well as the larger goal of living a more “green” lifestyle.

For those who are interested in organic crafting but not sure where to start, Craft Organic is the ideal way to find out how beautiful recycled items can be.  The site offers users the ability to access tutorials that show step-by-step ways to create up-cycled projects.  For example, there is a beach-style vase that is created from an empty wine bottle.  The details show how to create a hanging vase, but the design can easily be adapted for any style of bottle or as a tabletop piece, just by tweaking a few of the instructions.

For people who love to craft, the articles are perfect because they give step by step tutorials with pictures for each project, allowing you the flexibility to make the design your own while still giving you the guidance you need to finish a project.

Seashell Wind Chime Craft
Seashell Wind Chime

While the craft ideas on Craft Organic attract the majority of visitors to the site, there are so many green living ideas that you will find yourself browsing for hours.  Everything from understanding why spiders in your home are actually beneficial to tips on creating your own organic vegetable garden can be found right on the front page.  The vision of the site is that living green is not just the right thing to do; it is also an endless source of creative ideas that are just waiting for the right person to come along and take advantage of the materials they already have which can be used time and time again.

To help promote their philosophy, Craft Organic offers customers the ability to request custom work, whether you are planning a recycled wedding or just need the perfect touch for your next event, Craft Organic can come up with ideas designed just for you.  Imagine a beach-themed wedding with custom created recycled vases, or take a look at the shell wind chimes and imagine them tinkling from above during your reception.  Or, if you have an item that you want to showcase as part of a recycled art show, let Craft Organic come up with the perfect craft for you.  Simply click the contact button on the site to find out more about custom craft designs.

If you are interested in finding out more about Craft Organic, head to the site.  Don’t forget to sign up for their email newsletter, which will send new tutorials and craft ideas to your inbox, keeping you inspired to reuse and create.  The site is one of those internet destinations that will have you browsing for hours- and when you are done, you will never look at an empty bottle or old light bulb the same way.