How To Build Mobile Device Apps to Market Your Business

It’s no secret that mobile devices are here to stay. They have invaded almost every nook and cranny of our daily lives. So much so, that many of us are becoming quite dependent on them.

With mobile devices come applications, or “mobile apps“. This includes smart phones such as the iPhone and Android phones, but also the resurgent market of Tablet devices like the iPad, Galaxy and many others.

How Do You Create Mobile Apps
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Building a mobile app can seem quite impossible to many of us or at the very least, so expensive to be out of the question for a small online business budget. Fortunately, that’s not true anymore. 

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How Do I Know?

Because I’ve created several mobile device apps for iPhone, Android, and Windows Mobile…all without knowing any specific programming knowledge of these platforms. Now, these aren’t very advanced apps like Angry Birds and others, but they are apps, and people buy, download, and use them.

I spent a few months thinking about my first app. My first decision was to decide what kind of information it would contain and if anyone else would want to download it. I then started researching how to create an app. I registered with Apple and Google and went through heaps of documentation and sample code. I literally spent months trying to build my first app.

Then I got wise and started researching for a tool or service to fast track my development and learning.

You Can Afford It

I found (and contacted) dozens of mobile app development companies that would build an app to my exact specifications. I received quotes ranging between $5,000 and $53,000. Not too affordable…especially not the opportunists who quoted 53K!

I thought my dreams of having a mobile device app we’re long gone. Long gone until I started digging deeper into Google that is. Frankly, I’m surprised I didn’t find it earlier, or maybe I did and had tunnel vision of creating my own from scratch.

Where I Build My Mobile Apps

Learn to Make a Mobile Device Application

The service I use to build my mobile apps is There are more than a few leading brands that have used AppMakr to help build their mobile apps. The U.S. Army, PBS News Hour, Seth Godin, and Inc. Magazine to name just a few.

Guess how much they charge to create an account? Zero. Guess how much it is to create your own mobile app for iPhone, Android, and Windows Mobile? ZERO.

Oh, and you can set your own pricing for your apps too. I thought that was worth mentioning;)

What’s the Catch?

Really, there isn’t anything that I would consider a “catch”. You won’t find the old bait and switch technique with AppMakr. One notable feature that will cost you $99 (at time of this writing) is the fee to register as an Apple Developer so you can submit your app to Apple’s App Store. Please note that this fee is charged by Apple, not by AppMakr.

Heck, I probably would have sprung for the $99 bucks just so I could refer to myself as an Apple Developer;) Read can read all the specifics of AppMakr pricing here and learn more about their app building features here.

Would You Like a Step-by-Step On Building a Mobile App?

Let us know in the comments below if you’d like us to create an article or video of how to create a mobile app with AppMakr. We’ll be happy to oblige if enough of you want it.