Introduction to Post Excerpt and How It’s Used

WordPress excerpts are another way your readers will be able to browse with ease, find what they are looking for in a shorter amount of time, will make their visit more enjoyable and it will greatly increase the chances that they will be back for more. Put simply, it will work to entice them in for more.

What is a WordPress Excerpt
Excerpt Field

The excerpt field is a basic summary of your post that may be used on your website posts. The excerpt function allows you to use any section from your post or if you prefer, a specially hand crafted summary of what your content is all about for that specific post.

Note: This excerpt function may or may not work on you website, it all depends on how your website has been programmed. Or more specifically, how your theme uses WordPress excerpts.

Find Excerpt Field

If the excerpt field is hidden on your screen you can show it by clicking on screen options located in the upper right-hand side of the screen. Another menu opens that allows you to check the excerpt box and then close the menu by clicking the same screen options tab. The excerpt field will now be visible.

Enter Text

Once you have the excerpt field in your view, type or paste your excerpt in the excerpt field. Again, it can be specifically tailored to say anything or can be a direct quote from what you have already written in your post.


Always click on preview to view your changes before the rest of the world sees it. To do this, click on the preview changes button located on the top right-hand corner of the publish module.


Once you are satisfied and there are no mistakes, then click on publish. If you are not yet ready to publish and will do so at a later date, then click on save so your draft will be finished and can await publishing.

Watch the Video

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