How to Format Text to Add Heading to a Post

Adding a heading within a page or post is something you will probably want to do a lot of as it promotes fast and easy reading. It also let’s your readers quickly find the parts of your article they are most interested in. Not only is is this useful to them, but it’s also part of SEO best practices.

Formatting text in WordPress
Headings Choices

Edit Page

First thing to do if you want to add a Heading is make sure you are on the Add Page or Add Post screen. Next, it is important that you make sure you select the Visual Mode and not the HTML mode in the editor tabs.

Kitchen Sink

Next thing to do is click on the show/hide kitchen sink icon on the far right-hand side of the toolbar. The kitchen sink icon is represented on the toolbar by an icon with 3 rows of little dots. Once you have clicked on the kitchen sink an extra row of formatting icons will appear on the toolbar.

Select Text

Scroll through your post to find your text, then highlight the text in the post you want to make the heading. Sometimes you may find you need to leave a space between this text and the following paragraph or else the entire paragraph may be set as your heading.

Change Text

Locate the format dropdown menu on the left-hand side of your toolbar, then click on the menu. You will notice that it is currently set to paragraph. Scroll down by using the arrows until you find heading 2 from the list of options and click on it.


Always remember to preview your changes by clicking on the preview changes button located at the top right-hand corner of the publish module. Make a habit of always previewing your work before publishing to you website to catch any errors you may not have noticed.


Once you have previewed the changes you have made to your post and are happy with them you can click the update button which will publish the changes to your website.

If you are not ready to publish at that time, click the save button in the same module.

Watch the Video

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