Yet Another Paypal Plugin for WordPress – It Might be Just What You Need

I just came across this Paypal shopping cart plugin and thought I’d share for two reasons. First, because of all the eCommerce and Paypal plugins available, sometimes you just need something simple…and this is it. Second, because I’m not publishing this post from the normal WordPress backend. I’m testing something very cool! More on that later:) It’s name is WordPress Simple Paypal Shopping Cart. Not only does it provide a simple shopping cart, but also can be integrated with the NextGen Gallery plugin.

What does it provide?

WordPress Simple Paypal Shopping Cart allows you to add an ‘Add to Cart’ button on any posts or pages. It also allows you to add/display the shopping cart on any post or page or sidebar easily. The shopping cart shows the user what they currently have in the cart and allows them to remove the items. It can be easily integrated with the NextGen Photo Gallery plugin too.

You can learn more by visiting the plugin page here.

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