Enter “The Tastiest Brand” Contest for Free Exposure and Great Prizes

We work hard here at WP Pro Business helping other online business owners to succeed by sharing what we learn and learning from the endless knowledge that is available when you’re part of a community of entrepreneurial “DO-ers”.

Why You Should Care

It’s with this in mind that we are letting you know about a great contest being hosted at The Word Chef by Tea Silvestre, especially for small online businesses. Over at The Word Chef, there is a wealth of information available that helps teach people to brand and market their online businesses.

Everything from copy writing, to social media, to WordPress, to email marketing is taught by Tea Silvestre…a true master of online business and brand marketing.

The Contest

Nominate Your Tastiest Brand
Nominate Your Tastiest Brand

The winner of this contest will receive the illustrious title of “The Tastiest Brand” and receive the following prizes (and more coming in daily, be sure to visit the prize page for further details).

The Prize Package:

Why We Care

What? You didn’t notice our sponsored prize in the list above? Seriously, we’re honored to be able to sponsor a prize in the Tastiest Brand contest, but it’s more than that. We are so inspired to see so many great online businesses sprouting up and getting the help they need to navigate the technology and online services they may otherwise be unfamiliar with using.

Go Nominate Someone Now!

No, we’re not asking for a nomination…in fact because we’re a sponsor I’m pretty sure that’s not allowed. However, you CAN enter yourself and you’re own online brand as well as other online business brands that you know and love. The focus being on small businesses and individuals ideally.

It’s super simple to nominate someone, just head over to the nomination page. Tea gives you four easy ways to make a nomination for The Tastiest Brand award so you really have no excuse not to;)

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