6 Major Obstacles When Working From Home

Working from home and working for yourself seems to be everybody’s number one goal these days and sort of has been ever since the Internet became a truly legitimate way to bring in income for yourself.

How to Make Money Online Working from Home
Become Self Sufficient by Making Money Online

This is mainly because there are infinite ways to make money on the Internet and there is a whole plethora of skills you can have to make yourself very valuable on the web. A few examples include being able to write high quality articles at a 5 Star level, as well as simple HTML and CSS skills. A newer and cooler one would be designing a VideoJS player or running an SEO services company.

Whatever the case may be, there are always some major obstacles in the way when it comes to working from home. At some point in time, you might run into these:

Sleeping In Too Late

This one is almost inevitable, and it takes a very disciplined person to never sleep in all during the day. This can be caused by things like drinking too much coffee during the day, or doing your work late at night. I heard a rumor that you are never supposed to stay up past 2 am to get your work done. I tend to agree, and would say you should usually cut it short right around 12 or 1.

Not Getting Out Enough

Sounds like a great problem to have right? It’s not; you really need to think about making sure you get your social life situated when it comes to living at home. This is because you can spend hours at your computer desk and you can begin to look, act, and operate like a hermit.

This is obviously not good for your social life and not good for your health. Meeting new people is a part of our lives. Sometimes working from home can take that away from us. Make sure you don’t let it. Get to the gym, get to the laundry mat, get to the grocery store, get to your neighbor’s house, and visit your family!

Drinking and Eating Too Much

In the comfort of your own home, it is very easy to go to the kitchen and make a snack for yourself – repeatedly throughout the day. This can obviously have some residual health effects, but they also have efficiency effects. You are obviously a lot less efficiency when you are stuffing chips and pretzels in your face all day long.

Overall All Efficiency and Attention Deficit

There are two kinds of people when it comes to working at home. Those that are extremely motivated and get their work done every day, not only because they have to, but because they want to and it is their passion, and those that are just there because the idea sounds fantastic at first.

When you are working from home, and especially when you are your own boss, you should try to make sure what you are doing is your passion. If you love to do it from the get-go, then that right there will solve a lot of your efficiency issues. Otherwise simple things like the Television, or even the shower, will steer you away from being where you are supposed to in terms of efficiency.

Facebook and Twitter

I’m not ready to say that Google Plus is a huge problem when it comes to being efficient at home yet – unless you help to run an SEO company or something of the sorts (a large majority of Google Plus’s users are there for tech related issues). However, Facebook and Twitter can be huge time wasting issues for people that are trying to work at home. Since you aren’t being policed, but in fact are the one doing the policing, it may be pretty hard to make sure that you are policing your social media habits and actions.

Your Spouse

Seems funny doesn’t it? Unfortunately this is a real life issue – and one that can keep you from doing a lot of your work. Because you work at home, that seems like a free ticket to hang out with you whenever they want to, whether it is your girlfriend or your boyfriend. Sometimes working from home seems to stir up a lot of angst in the air, as you are ALWAYS there. The situation can escalate if you live with them.

Working from home can be both a blessing and a curse. Many people that work in the SEO and Internet marketing industry have found this out and have found it out rather quickly at times. Working from home is a job (the from home part). You just have to make sure you get your main work done first play will come later.

This article was written by Jet Russell of www.inetzeal.net. Jet helps to run monthly SEO there, and in his spare time he likes to write articles about SEO and SEM.

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