WordPress Pricing Tables for Marketing your Products and Services

Creating price table comparisons in your WordPress powered business website is one of the secrets of successful business owners. In this article, we’ll show you two plugins that allow you to make and manage your own pricing tables.

WordPress Price Comparison Plugin
Easy WordPress Pricing Tables

Have you ever seen those fancy pricing tables that show you things like prices for different versions of software, different levels of membership, etc? You know, those ones with the different Call To Action buttons for each version. I’ve always liked them. So much so that I have contracted out these designs in the past and used standard HTML tables inside WordPress to display them.

Free WordPress Pricing Table Plugin

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Clunky, but it worked. Well, now there’s a new FREE plugin for creating and managing these pricing tables and I’ve had a chance to experiment with it.

It’s named simply Price Table and I give it my personal thumbs up. You can find it on the WordPress plugin repository here.

Here are a few ideas for use…

  • Software price comparison
  • Membership package price comparison
  • Service package price comparison
  • …and even premium theme and plugin price comparisons;)


Paid WordPress Pricing Table Plugin

Of course, there are other pricing table plugins out there, specifically, this one named CSS3 Pricing Tables for WordPress. This one is a paid plugin ( a measley $15 ) and here’s the demo page. A bit more full featured as far as design options, so whichever one you use will be a matter of visual preference.

However you slice it, both of these plugins offer some great options for use by WordPress “architects” who aren’t designers. Not only that, but using either of these plugins will save you hundreds in design and development costs.

What do you think?

Can you use either of these plugins within your own WordPress business website? If so, please let us know in the comments below and as always, feel free to share a link back to your site and get some free “link juice” from us;)