A Personal and Business Dream is About to Come True

First, a Clarification

I’d like to let you know about something that I’ve dreamed of for many years while working within the Internet publishing and development world.

It almost seems silly of me to even call it a “dream” considering what it is compared to all the more important things that need attention in the world, but in the context of creating many thousands of blog posts in WordPress over the past 10 years of publishing online using WordPress, it’s a pretty big deal to me.

So, that’s the grain of salt offered if you think the “dream” part sounds too dramatic;)

Some Background on Creating Web Pages (for the non-nerdy)

When you publish articles in WordPress (also known as a website page on the Internet), it’s always good to use images within your written content to help illustrate your points.

This becomes especially important for tutorial type content like “How to Do this Using this thing In 6 Easy Steps.”

When creating that type of web page explaining some process step-by-step and you often need to take screenshot images of your computer screen and use them within your published web page.

Images are also essential for better search engine optimization. HTML allows you to attach some text to your images to help “explain” what the image contains. Google and other search engines read this text and use it in determining the relevance of that image to what people are “Googling”.

They use that information, along with the written content of your web page and then decide if your article is relevant enough to that person’s search to be one of the first links seen on the search result page.

What This All Means!

Getting your web page link seen at the top of Google means you get more people visiting your site. The more website traffic you have, the more potential customers you have seeing what you’re offering, and thus more sales.

And the whole long-winded point is…more sales equals a successful business and therefore the goal of providing everything my wife and kids need.

So Here’s the Dream that is About to Come True

The link below will take you to a blog post I wrote about a new product that my company (FooPlugins) will be releasing to the public very soon.

As one who creates screenshots and uses them in almost every single web page I publish, the tool and service that our amazing programmers have been able to create is my dream come true. It will save me A LOT of time. Time I could be spending with my family.

It’s Also a Business Dream

I’m not the only one who needs to save time when publishing in WordPress.

There are professional bloggers, journalists, technology teachers, college professors, web designers, web developers, and millions of other people creating web pages that need to use screenshot images in WordPress.

With over 22% of all websites on the Internet using WordPress, we’ve got a pretty large market for our product.

Ok, so not every one of those people will know about or want to use our product. I get it.

However, our closest competitor currently has 45,000 active users and the best part is that it can’t do the most important thing that our product can do.

Another thing I’m really excited about is the price point we’ve been able to put on this product. I can’t go into detail just yet, but what I can post here is that people can use this for free as long as they want with a TON of great features but we also have two paid options in the form of monthly subscriptions.

These subscriptions allow you to do some amazing things and each one is about the same price as a cup of coffee, and that’s per month.

I’m banking on this mix of free usage with optional very inexpensive monthly subscriptions will lead to a large user base.

What’s This Magical Product?

I took a screenshot of a web page showing part of the blog post on our new site…click the image below to learn more.

Click to Visit FooMedia.io
Click to Visit FooMedia.io