The Digital Dads Facebook Page

A Place for Work at Home Dads

I wanted to let you know about a new Facebook community page I created named “Digital Dads“.

You can find the page (and LIKE it) right here.

I have been thinking of creating a community for Dads (like me) who work from home for some time.

A fun place to share videos, images and stories about the trials, tribulations, and utter joy of working from home while at the same time, taking care of your kids and being an active parent.

It’s a juggling act to be sure.

Part Passion, Part Social Experiment

As I said, I had been thinking about this kind of community for some time, but the logical part of me knows that I couldn’t really devote ALL of my time to a standalone web community as I have enough on my plate with FooPlugins and WP Valet work.

So, because it’s Father’s Day and it was on my mind again, I decided the best way to satisfy my craving to share Dad-specific content was to create a Facebook community page and start posting the content I find interesting to other Dads (and those that love them) on Facebook.

Simple. Easy. And with some great potential for building a community.

My Intentions for Digital Dads Page Content

I want to be helpful to other work at home Internet Dads to be sure, but I also needed an outlet to share some humor.

In other words, the things I’ll be sharing on Digital Dads will be vary, but will always have an angle toward being what I am…

…a Digital Dad.