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Creating contact forms in WordPress has been relatively easy with the availability of many different form making plugins. However, creating advanced forms that include features like letting users upload files, creating multiple page forms, etc. while still allowing you (or your clients) to create these inside an easily usable interface, can be a bit difficult.

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Gravity Forms Makes Development Easy

Gravity Forms to the Rescue

Every year I spend a considerable amount of money purchasing premium WordPress plugins, themes, and other services. I purchased the developer license version of Gravity Forms back in 2009 and I can safely say it’s been one of the best WordPress related purchases I have ever made.

If you’ve been around WordPress for any length of time, you’re most likely aware of Gravity Forms or at least any of the dozens of freely available contact form plugins. Whether you are already using Gravity Forms, or are hearing this plugin’s name for the first time,  the new features detailed below with the release of version 1.5 are sure to make you giddy:)

What’s New in Gravity Forms v1.5

Multi-Page Forms
One of the most widely requested features is finally here, multi-page form capabilities. Using the new Page Break field you now have the ability split longer forms into multiple pages or steps. We have also integrated a visual paging status bar that can be used to show a progress bar or the steps involved in completing the form.

Pricing Fields
Pricing Fields allow you to create quotes and order forms. It features integrated pricing calculations and is compatible with the Gravity Forms PayPal Add-On. Pricing Fields consist of a Product Field, Option Field, Quantity Field, Shipping Field, Donation Field and Total Field. They allow you to easily turn your form into an order form and collect payments when combined with the PayPal Add-On.

Textarea Character Counter
Easily limit the number of characters entered into a textarea and include a visual character counter that lets them know how many characters are allowed and how many characters have been entered.

CSS Ready Classes
Easily create multi-column layouts using built in CSS classes. These keywords are custom CSS classes you add to the CSS Class Name option under the Advanced tab for each field. Using our pre-defined CSS class names you can easily create 2 or 3 column forms, display radio button and checkbox options in 2, 3 or 4 columns as well as turn a Section Break into a scrolling text field. Get complete details on the available Ready Classes here.

Default Notification
Gravity Forms will now automatically setup an Admin Notification that uses the WordPress Admin email as the Send To and includes all submitted form fields when a new form is created.

Post Field Enhancements
We have enhanced the content template capabilities of the Post Fields and extended them to the Post Custom Field. Now you can use the content template capabilities on the Post Title, Post Body and Post Custom Fields in the form builder. The Post Category field has been enhanced to allow for an initial placeholder value (ex. “Please Select a Category”) and now supports Admin Only visibility to allow you to set a default category using the Post Category field.

Checkbox and Multiple Choice (Radio Button) HTML Support
The Checkbox and Multiple Choice (Radio Button) fields now support HTML in the option labels. This allows you to include links or use images as your options.

Shortcode Support
Love using Shortcodes? Need to insert custom code into the Email Notification, Confirmation Text or HTML Field content? Gravity Forms now supports utilizing Shortcodes in the Email Notification Message Body, Confirmation Text and within the content of an HTML Field.

Enhanced Bulk Edit Functionality
You can now reset views, or delete entries from the Edit Forms screen using enhanced options added to the Bulk Edit functionality.

New Hooks and Filters
We have added a variety of new hooks and filters, all of which are documented (with examples) in the brand new Documentation area of the support site.

Upgrade and Renewals
Now you can Upgrade or Renew your Gravity Forms License Key right from your WordPress Dashboard! Visit either the Settings page or the Update page. If an Upgrade is available, or you are within the Renewal period, you will be presented with options to purchase the Upgrade or Renewal.

Support For New Add-Ons
Gravity Forms v1.5 supports the introduction of the PayPal Add-On and User Registration Add-On which are now available for Developer License customers.

Are You As Amazed As I Was?

Is that enough proof that you can do some awesome things with this plugin? Gravity Forms has come so far since it’s inception that it’s true power probably isn’t clear to many. I did notice that this plugin’s description now includes the words “…lead and data management…” which is fitting.

Are You Using Gravity Forms?

If you’re already using this plugin please share a link to something you’ve created with Gravity Forms so we can all learn what’s possible.

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