Introduction to Adding Link Categories

The Link Categories section in WordPress will allow you to group hyperlinks together depending on the subject. One important thing to keep in mind is that these categories are not related in any way to the ones you have created for your posts.

How to add and organize links to WordPress
Link Categories

Link Category Screen

While on your WordPress Dashboard, you can access the link category screen by selecting it from the links module in the left-hand side bar.

Add Link

At the top of the screen you will see the add new link category section. If you want to add a new link category, enter a name and the slug. Next enter the description for the link category and click on the add new link category button.

Links List

On the right-hand side of the screen you will find a table that shows a list of all the link categories you’ve created inside your WordPress installation.

If you click on the category name, you will be taken to the edit link category screen.

If you click on the number under links on the right-hand side of your screen , it will take you to the edit links screen with a list of links assigned to this specific link category that was selected.

When you place your cursor or your mouse over the name of the category in the list, it will display a menu of options such as edit, quick edit, and delete.


If you need to edit one of your link categories, click edit under the category name. You will be directed to the edit link category page where you simply edit the link category name, then the link category slug, and finally, the link category description. Don’t forgot to click on the update button to save your changes or else you will need to repeat the entire process.

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