Justin Tadlock's Structure Theme

Wordpress Modder is proudly using the Structure theme by Justin Tadlock. As an avid Wordpress user and self proclaimed Wordpress Modder, I am always looking for themes to use on various websites that I create. Because every theme I use needs to be modified in some way to fit the needs of whatever website I’m building, the first thing I do after downloading a theme is to jump right into the code to see how the author builds each individual theme. Although many core files are the same, I find it interesting how each theme developer seems to be easily distinguished from others in how they write and comment (or don’t comment) their code.

There are many things I love about this theme, the clean and well commented code, all the extra features added using custom fields, and the great support that Justin Tadlock offers on his site. I honestly don’t know how he finds the time to answer the number of comments he receives regarding the Structure theme.

From Justin’s site:

Description: A theme for news/magazine sites with a blog-friendly option too. It includes built-in video and image features that easily allow you to customize your site. There are content blocks that you can place virtually anywhere on the page.

If you’re new to using or modding Wordpress themes, the Structure theme may be a challenge, but if you stick with it, and take some time to learn some Wordpress specific code, you won’t be disappointed.

What are some of your favorite themes?

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