Secure and Accessible PHP Contact Form v.2.0WP

A contact form is one of the most essential features every blog should not be without. If you’ve done any searching for contact form plugins, no doubt you’ve found several. There are many great contact form plugins out there ranging from the super simple, to the insanely feature rich. Well, I needed something inbetween. That why I use the Secure and Accessible PHP Contact Form v.2.0WP for Wordpress by Mike Jolley and Mike Cherim.

Please don’t get me wrong, this contact form plugin has features galore, but the way the configuration, styling, and documentation are presented is clear, concise, and leaves me feeling like I’m an expert with their form after spending only a few minutes using it.

Here is the list of features from Mike Cherim’s site:

  1. Form overview page available to you to confirm the plugin’s general configuration.
  2. Extensive security features with 16 individual abuse countermeasures.
  3. Build to the highest web standards with maximum accessibility and usability in mind.
  4. Extremely simple drag-‘n’-drop, plug-‘n’-play set-up — even novices can do it.
  5. Simple 7-step form-based configuration so you never have to look at one line of code.
  6. Form set-up error management to help ensure you set-up critical parts correctly.
  7. Style choices at the ready with some pre-made form themes designed for several popular WordPress themes… all pre-tested.
  8. Ability to use “no themes” offered in case you want to use your own style sheet.
  9. Built in Style Sheet Editor so you can edit the available themes or create one of your own. A commented “custom.css” file included for you already.
  10. Extensive on-board documentation library so help is always at the ready.
  11. Performance monitoring spam counter function.

What’s your favorite contact form plugin and why?

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