Ode to WordPress – A Personal Retrospective

It’s that time of year when I get a little nostalgic and reflect on life a bit. The next article will be another tutorial I promise, but today I’d like to share some information on how I ended up choosing WordPress and what it means to me personally.

How I Started with WordPress

I built my first WP powered website in 2004 for a company I created named Moving Moments which offered photo memorial dvds. I certainly wasn’t the first to do this, but I was inspired after creating a photo memorial for my brother who passed away in 2003. I love you and miss you Brent.

I had created a straight HTML site already but because of the nature of the product I needed to update the site often and doing it manually was starting to become a chore so I began searching for a solution. I experimented with several blogging and content management system platforms and found that I kept coming back to WordPress as the web publishing platform that matched my needs the closest.

Then and Now

The platform was barely a year old when I made my first blog post and there was a lot that it just couldn’t do at that time. However, one of the main reasons I choose it was because of the large and active community surrounding it. I knew I could get help.

A lot has changed in my life, WordPress, and the community surrounding the software. WordPress is no longer only a simple blogging solution. It is a full featured content management system and has the ability to power any type of website you can throw at it. The community of users, plugin developers, and theme creators continues to push the software past it’s perceived limits.

I feel honored to be able to give back to the WordPress community by creating and sharing tutorials on this site and others, and through the WP Modder iOS app. I am truly thankful to all of you who read my material, watch my videos, participate in my courses, and allow me to be involved with your website projects.

You make me…complete 🙂

p.s. I’m attending WordCamp Phoenix in January and would love to meet you. Feel free to send me a line here if you’d like to schedule coffee or a beer.