How to Add an Amazon Store to your WordPress Website

Adding an Amazon store to your WordPress site is made easy by Amazon’s aStore builder, but what if you want more features than aStore can provide? There is a better way to create a full featured Amazon Associate store with very powerful customization and configuration options.

I’ve written about this amazon store script before and it’s been featured on Amazon’s Web Services blog, in Inc. Magazine, CNET, and more.

What Is It?

It’s name is Associate-O-Matic and it’s the most powerful Amazon Associate store builder available.

Associate-O-Matic for WordPress Websites


  • Simple Setup
  • Customizable
  • Profitable
  • Huge Selection
  • SEO Friendly
  • Affordable
  • and more! Read about more features here.

Not a Plugin

Associate-O-Matic is not a WordPress plugin. It’s a self contained PHP script that gets installed into it’s own subdirectory or subdomain (assuming your WP installation is in the root of your domain). You’ll need to have FTP access to your server and be able to set file permissions (chmod). If you’re not sure about this process, don’t worry, I’ll be showing you how.

Even though Associate-O-Matic isn’t a plugin in the standard sense, as with all things that are awesome, Associate-O-Matic does provide a plugin to display dynamic Amazon content inside your posts automatically linked to your store pages.

Versions: Free and Premium

There are two versions of Associate-O-Matic available, Lite and Full. You can view the comparison chart of the two versions on the Associate-O-Matic website. Make no mistake, even using the Lite version will give you a lot of control over the customization and configuration of your Amazon Associate store.

How to Install Associate-O-Matic on a WordPress Website?

I’ve posted a tutorial on how install Associate-O-Matic here. I’ll also be giving an overview of many configuration options available in this script. Stay tuned to WP Modder via RSS or Email, or just check back here.