Why I Started Outsourcing and How I Manage Our Team

I built and guide a team of people here at WP Pro Business that perform various tasks and I personally know each and every one of them (although we all live in different locations). If you’ve tried to build a team for your WordPress-powered business, you know full well that it isn’t easy to assemble the right people, or to manage them.

A Day at the Beach with WP Pro Business and Friends
WP Pro Business Team at the Beach

The Problem

The hardest part for me was communication. Once I had more than a couple of team members on board, communicating through individual emails quickly became time consuming, especially when I had more than one person working on similar tasks, but taking slightly different approaches.

I tried a few different methods in communicating including Skype, phone calls, and in person meetings (several of us live within a couple hours of each other). Each of these methods have their benefits and we still utilize them all regularly, but I still wasn’t able to avoid the time spent with each individual in communicating their tasks (and getting feedback on each task) in an efficient way.

But I found a solution that is now working for me and allowing me to spend more time on guiding my business from a higher level while still managing our team in an effective way that works for everyone.

That solution was offered by Brian Terry of OutVeo. You may have heard of Brian and OutVeo before. OutVeo has quickly gained prominence as a go-to solution for managing Outsourced Workers (or in our case, my hand-picked team).

The Solution

I first learned of Brian and OutVeo when I read his free ebook, Outsourcing Magic. You can get it here. I was looking for a better way to manage my own team, but also exploring the ways in which I could utilize other outsourced worker services. His book is immensely insightful and helped me decide the route that worked best for my business.

It was shortly after reading his book that I decided to use OutVeo and as I’ve said above, it solved my communication and efficiency problems I was trying to solve on my own. OutVeo is software that you install on your hosting account that allows you to completely manage your team and other outsourced workers by providing a way to create specific tasks and assign them to individuals or groups and allow those people to provide feedback directly within the software to update you or ask questions.

It’s a fully managed area for communicating projects and tasks with your team.

One of my favorite ways of creating and assigning tasks here is to create a screencast of what I need done, uploading that video to our YouTube account as an “unlisted” video, then sharing that video within the task itself. This gives our workers a visual of what’s needed has proven to be the best communication method for our business needs.

I highly recommend having a read through Brian’s Outsourcing Magic ebook and also seeing what OutVeo can do for you here. (read below for discount code if you decide it’s something that you can use in your business)

Because I have had such success with this software, I’ve been in communication with Brian directly asking questions and offering suggestions for feature enhancements and he’s always been quick to answer and has actually implemented some of my suggestions. How’s that for real value!?

Before sitting down to write this post I also asked Brian if he would be willing to offer me a discount code if you decide that OutVeo is right for your business, and he graciously agreed.

If you purchase OutVeo through this link before July 11th, simply enter code outveo10 to receive a 10% discount on the already low price of OutVeo.

As always, I wish you the best of success with your online (and offline) endeavors!