Streamlining Your WordPress Content Creation

Maybe you have a business blog.  Perhaps your blog is full of product reviews. Maybe, like us your blog contains tutorials on how to do various things. Whatever content your website contains it’s likely that you spend a majority of your time creating that content. We’ve recently started using a process to help us streamline our content creation and were going to share that process  in this article.

The problem with content creation.

Creating content for your blog or website can be both rewarding and frustrating. Rewarding because of the accomplishment of creating something that helps others and frustrating because of both the amount of time it takes to create that content, and in some cases the physical pain that content creation creates.

The accomplishment you feel after writing a great article or tutorial is like nothing else, and add to that the engagement you get from your website or blog visitors in the way of comments or even e-mail subscriptions is something that’s hard to duplicate. However, if you’re anything like we are you are spending the majority of your day in front of the keyboard. As you probably know spending too much time in front of the keyboard without proper stretching and breaks away from the desk can cause conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome and shoulder pain. I have both.

Still, I consider it my job to create as much helpful content as I can for my site visitors and subscribers so the option of not typing wasn’t in the cards for me  if I want to continue to grow my business, and I do.

The solution to streamlining content creation.

I recently made a purchase that I consider to be one of the best investments I’ve ever made. I purchased the Dragon Dictate software, even after being skeptical at first. I had actually been looking at the software for several months before pulling the trigger and boy am I glad I did! In fact this entire blog post is being written by me talking into my microphone using the DragonDictate software.

Make no mistake, this isn’t simply a blog post with an affiliate link to Dragon Dictate, I am actually using the software right now, and guess what, I have absolutely no wrist or shoulder pain while I create this article.

The Dragon brand has been around for several years and when I first heard of it my grandfather, who was almost blind, was using it to navigate with his computer. In those days the software worked sometimes and didn’t work other times. it just wasn’t very reliable. because that was my experience previously, it took me a while to buy the software. I’ve only been using the software for a few days now but I can already report that it’s one of the best business tools I’ve purchased this year.

Here’s a short screen cast showing me talking through the software while it types into my blog post:

This text is being written into my blog post by the Dragon dictate software as I speak at a fairly normal pace. You can see there’s a bit of the delay in the text because I have several other programs running. there still room for improvement and part of the delay is probably because I haven’t completed the entire Dragon Dictate profile training just yet but even with this delay this has been a huge time saver and pain saver for me.

If you visit the Dragon Dictate site, the software sells for $199, but I did a little price comparison and got the same exact software on Amazon for half the price! Because I got it so cheap, I also opted to buy the training video DVD (which should be included in the Dragon Dictate purchase in my opinion, but it’s worth the $20).

So, if you’re looking for a easy way to speed up your content creation, I can highly recommend the Dragon Dictate software.