I’m a Web Business Consultant and Internet Marketing coach specializing in the use of WordPress and WordPress Multisite. My development philosophy focuses not only on solutions, but also education, empowerment, and support for my clients.

I’ve worked with Ritz Carlton, Busch Entertainment Corp., and Amazon.com to name a few.

I’m also an Internet addict. My addiction started in the early 1990’s when a fellow employee at the pizza joint I worked at invited me over to get on the BBS (Bulletin Board System). I was awake all night watching orange text messages scroll vertically across the screen. I was amazed at the opportunity for connecting with others across the globe. I still am.

I will provide you the tools to achieve your project goals, and I will show you how to use those tools.

There is not only the ability to connect with others on a global basis through existing web sites but you can present your voice, message, product or company through your own site, and be in complete control of the content that you display. Having an effective website used to mean understanding a whole new language (or several), but with the right tools installed, you can communicate through your own web presence effectively and easily.

I’m a firm believer in giving back to the online community as often as possible and have donated my time to create and support sites for various people and projects.

If you have a question, get in touch.

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