Video Producer "Double Feature" WordPress Theme Series Release

I am happy to announce the release of the first group of themes in the new WordPress Modder Video Producer series. The themes in this group carry the subtitle of “Double Feature” and were designed in conjunction with the Show in a Box project and some of it’s members.

What is Show in a Box? is not a service or business- We want to help bloggers, filmmakers, video artists, and documentarians present their videos in the best light with the most control. You make great videos, so why not have an awesome website without having to pay someone a lot of money or know how to code yourself? We aim for a decentralized network of videoblogs where you can still host your videos anywhere (like, Vimeo or Dailymotion ) but your site and its information remain your own.

Video Producer Theme Series Details

The Video Producer theme series will feature WordPress themes that are designed from the ground up to break the “blog diary” format and allow video creators to display their work differently from what is usually seen on most blogs, while retaining the flexibility and functionality that the WordPress core already provides. It is our goal to make use of specialized coding and integration of several video-specific plugins created by members of the Show in a Box team and others to help you, the video producer. Some of the techniques used in our themes are not new to the WordPress community and some are truly unique, but we believe that we’re putting the pieces together in such a way that will help you to connect with your viewers in a completely new way.

VP – Double Feature Theme Details

The main feature of the Double Feature themes is that they display two posts, from two different categories on the top of the main page, side by side. All other posts are displayed underneath. The posts that are displayed on top, are not duplicated below.


By default, these themes display one post from the “featured” category and one post from the “latest” category in these two top positions. This means that for this theme to work correctly, you MUST have a category named “Featured” and one named “Latest”.

The Double Feature themes’ functionality are partially dependent on at least two plugins to function like the demo. These plugins are The Excerpt Reloaded and vPIP (Video Playing in Place). Please see the readme.txt file for a full explanation.


Display post in left top – Simply check the checkbox next to the “Featured” category when publishing your post.

Display post in right top – Simply check the checkbox next to the “Latest” category when publishing your post.

Pretty easy eh?…:)

You may want to use different category names or even display more than one post for each category, and that is easily accomplished. Full instructions are provided in the readme.txt file included with each theme download.

Theme Support

I plan to support all themes released on through the forums found here…

Please direct all theme questions to the forums. I cannot answer theme questions through comments, my contact page, or email.

Theme Demo and Download

Video Producer “Double Feature” WordPress Theme Series Release

VP – Double Feature Dark Polished

Demo | [download#1]

Styled by Cheryl Colan

Stay tuned for more versions of this theme…

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