Extending WordPress by Using the Power of Video – Part One

How to Use Video with WordPressMost of you are aware of the novelty of video sharing sites like YouTube, Google Video, and Metacafe. Some of you are even embedding and linking to videos you find on these sites, but are you really leveraging the power of web-based video on your WordPress-powered blog, or are you just promoting someone else’s idea?

In this series you’ll learn the benefits of creating and posting your own videos. You’ll also learn of some great WordPress-specific tools that will make it easier, especially when using WordPress. Best of all, the video tools listed are completely free. There’s absolutely no reason for you to pay for any WordPress themes, software, or plugins in order to leverage the power of video. Let’s get started.

Why display video on your site?


  • Video easily becomes “viral” and can continue to drive traffic to your site well after it’s original posting date.
  • For products that are distinguished by motion or sound; prospects can see and hear the benefits.
  • For products that are complicated to explain or need to be demonstrated; you can be sure your message is getting through completely and accurately.
  • For big-ticket and prestige items; a video says “you are important”.
  • When you want to show prospects how you perform a service or manufacture a product, to demonstrate quality, precision, etc.
  • When you have great testimonials or expert endorsements to share

Should YOU Display Video on Your Website?

If you fall into any of the following categories, you should certainly be using video on your website.

  • You have a product or service to sell.
  • You have tutorials or “how-tos” to share with your readers.
  • You’re an independent film maker.
  • You want to promote an idea or ideal that you feel the world needs to see.

Stay tuned for part two of this series to learn about free WordPress video tools and resources to help you produce and display your own video.

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