The Startup Business Juggling Act

Starting a business is hard. Rule #1. Keep a firm grip on your balls.

How to Start a Business
Starting a Business is a Juggling Act

Rules I Follow to Achieve Success

I’ve been thinking of our latest startup project a lot. 24 hours a day really. I never stop thinking of all the little details that will help us to achieve the success we envision. In light of a few posts I’ve read recently from others in the WordPress business space, specifically a recent post by Brian Casel from Restaurant Engine, it was time for me to take a quick break and reevaluate where we’re currently at.

Especially with a launch date looming.

I decided today was a good time to step back from the details of our business and look at what we’re doing from a different perspective. A high level overview as I used to say in my corporate world days.

I came up with a short list of what I feel (at this time) are the most important things for me to be doing in order to meet our goals.

Prioritize In Advance

We have a collective “to do” list for the business. It exists in several places. Google docs, Trello boards, email threads, and even in support ticket private notes between our team members. These lists grow almost daily with new ideas of what we could do, or what would be a really great feature to add.

Prioritizing these various ideas into well-defined tasks is going to be critical to meeting our target launch date, and in the bigger picture, for making sure that additional products, features, and promotions are done right. For our business and marketing plans, but more importantly, our end users.

Make Hard Decisions – Daily

Speaking of  to do lists, you should also have a NOT to do list. See what Chris Lema has to say about this. Making hard decisions often includes leaving things behind that would be great additions to your business, but often they aren’t critical to your launch or your immediate business goals.

Document Your Unintended Brainstorms

The reason our to do lists grow so rapidly is because our team is constantly brainstorming. Whether an idea gets sparked in a meeting, the shower, over a beer or even while sleeping (and this happens a lot), always document it. You need to keep a record of these ideas…somewhere, anywhere.

I often use the audio recorder app on my phone to document an idea until I can throw it to the other team members for feedback or further expansion. Or in some cases, it gets axed all together. Some of our best ideas have been sparked through unrelated discussions, browsing the WP world online, or even from family members who aren’t technical at all.

You never know where the next great product or business idea will be sparked, so be prepared to keep a record of it.

Take Breaks from Thinking About your Business

Does all that seem a bit OCD? Perhaps. That’s why it’s so important to take a mental break…and do it on a regular basis.

As I said above, my subconscious is often in high gear working on a solution for something. Let’s just say that winding down to get a good rest is difficult for me, but logically I know it’s very important to get a good rest otherwise I’ll inevitably burn out at some point. And that’s happened more times than I care to admit.

Always being “on” is bad for your health and ultimately bad for your business. Pick a day or two, and plan to turn off your digital life. Go to the beach, for a hike, for a walk, for a bike ride, or whatever else it is you’ve been neglecting.

Treat your mind and your body right, and your business success will follow.

Visualize and Realize

Speaking of mind and body, here’s where I get a bit ethereal. I’m a firm believer in Visualization and the power of positive thinking.

S: (n) visual image, visualization, visualisation (a mental image that is similar to a visual perception)

This isn’t anything new, and in my opinion makes perfect sense. Think good things, and good things will come into your life. Period. Have you ever known an eternally negative person to achieve any level of success? Not me.

What are your business building techniques?

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