The Real Deal On How To Create Your Own Blogging Success Story

If there’s one thing I hate, it’s being duped. Tricked into believing you’ve finally found the answer to online riches. You’ve seen all the eBooks, you’ve purchased all the “special reports”, you may have even paid big money for someone to “optimize and market” your blog. If this describes you, then read on, because I was once exactly the same, but I’ve found the resource that you and I have both been looking for all these years.

Ok, so I just read the above paragraph and it sounds like one of those sales pages we’ve all seen, like the one below…

Your Typical Internet Sales Page
Your Typical Internet Sales Page

…but don’t worry, I’m not going there. I promise.

The reason for this post is to share with you the best resource I’ve found for learning how to be an online success. That resource is Upstart Blogger run by Ashley Morgan.

Upstart Blogger - A Great Resource for Online Blogging Success
Upstart Blogger - A Great Resource for Online Blogging Success

Upstart Blogger isn’t your run of the mill “hey look how successful I am – sorry, can’t tell you my secrets” type of blogging resource. Ashley is completely upfront about the techniques he uses in order to be successful with his blogs, and that’s not only refreshing to see and read, but it has helped me learn vast amounts about how internet marketing works, and how it doesn’t.

Especially important to me is the fact that he steers clear of any under-handed trickery to get you to buy something. Sure, he makes revenue from his site, but it’s all from honest and transparent sources. Speaking of transparency, I want you to know that the impetus of this post was from a contest that Upstart Blogger has going right now, but it in no way has influenced my words.

I truly believe what I’ve written above.

What are the things that you would like to know most about being a successful blogger?

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