I Lost My Virginity Poolside at BlueGlass TPA

I recently attended an Internet and Search Marketing conference named BlueGlass TPA. This conference was created and hosted by BlueGlass, an Internet Marketing and Strategies Development company based in Tampa Florida.

BlueGlass Conference Logo

Kicking Ass and Taking SERPS

If you haven’t heard the name BlueGlass before, here’s a brief description from their site:

BlueGlass delivers integrated, comprehensive, and innovative strategies. Our results are unparalleled in the online marketing industry. We harbor an environment of constant learning, innovation, and teamwork that creates an atmosphere of dedication to client services.

Our agency brings strength, talent, and knowledge to each area of online marketing; including SEO, search marketing, social media marketing, viral marketing, PPC, ad management, and software development of platforms and tools. We’re comprised of professionals who have built their careers from delivering one-on-one, high-quality service and consulting to individuals and companies. We bring that same intimacy into an agency environment for exceptional customer service and results.

“The only thing I know for sure is that I know nothing at all”

I became aware of this conference because I’ve been following the BlueGlass blog for awhile. I honestly don’t recall how I came across the blog but I’m sure it was directly related to their extensive reach on the Internet and through the many social channels available online.

I highly recommend subscribing to their blog. It’s incredibly informative and I learn something new with every post.

Internet Marketing Conference Tent

Managing Expectations

Since this was my first Internet marketing conference, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. Was I really going to learn anything or was it just a front for conference organizers and attendees to advertise their products services without providing any real value?

“It was better than Cats, I will see it again and again”

Starting ten minutes into the first session, I was amazed at the level of knowledge being shared. This was a no bullshit conference, I was going to walk away with actionable information and build my skills immediately.

I was drooling.

After the scheduled daytime sessions, there were great opportunities for discussion and networking. BlueGlass kept the number of attendees low in order to foster a more intimate atmosphere for sharing.

This was the perfect approach in my opinion as it allowed me, the relative Internet and Search Marketing noob, to talk with many different people and have meaningful conversations.

I made deals for two partnerships that first night. You’ll hear more about those soon enough;)

Sponge Adam Brain Pants

I hardly slept that night because I was subconsciously brainstorming instead of getting a good rest. My notes app is filled with dozens of snippets of online marketing advice and ideas that I was inputting between short periods of having my eyes closed.

I woke up early on purpose because I wanted to be one of first people to get to session area on day two. I had a bit of trouble getting on the wireless network on day one and I wanted to grab a seat closer to the door for easier bathroom break access.

Day two continued with amazing knowledge being dropped in every direction. You can read a recap of the days information here.

BlueGlass TPA Conference Attendees

Losing Money at the Blackjack Table But Gaining So Much More

The evenings activities included a casino night setup complete with blackjack, roulette, craps, and fake money. I’d done these casino nights before and it all felt very familiar…until the conversations started. It seems that every single person I met was friendly and willing to share their knowledge freely, without any posturing. My kind of people:)

Late Night Poolside Unconference

After the casino tables had been packed up and removed, I found myself sitting in large circle of 15-20 people discussing everything from keyword research to Ewok porn. Yes, those Ewoks.

Search that phrase if you dare.

The conversation drifted from problem solving, knowledge sharing, commiserating over past conferences, dirty jokes and back again. At some point between my own intermittent revelations of how to implement the knowledge I was gaining and the tear-producing laughter, I realized that I was experiencing a life-changing moment.

The people surrounding me were the very ones who already have and will continue to shape the Internet Search and Marketing industry. I had stumbled into “The Hive” and they accepted me with open arms. There was no arrogance, no holier-than-thou attitudes, no bullshit.

There was only passion.

Thank you to the entire BlueGlass staff and all of the conference attendees for sharing your smiles, knowledge, and advice. Thank you for helping to put the SEO and Internet Marketing pieces together in my head. I will be better consultant, teacher, and Internet architect.

Oh, and if you’re wondering about the conference location and if it was any good, here’s a shot I snapped of the sunset.

Old Tampa Bay Sunset
Old Tampa Bay Sunset