Free Kick-ass WordPress Website Webinar Series

Note: This Webinar Has Been Closed

What: A two-part webinar series presented by Adam W. Warner and Tea Silvestre

When:  Wednesday, October 5 and Thursday, October 6

Time: 5:00 to 6:00 p.m., EST

How to Create a Kick-ass Website (Using WordPress)
How to Create a Kick-ass Website (Using WordPress)

Join Adam W. Warner and his colleague Tea Silvestre (aka The Word Chef) for this two-part webinar series on how to get started with WordPress.

Whether you already have a website, and want to revamp, or you’re starting from scratch, if you want to do it yourself, these webinars are for you:

Part 1: What to Consider Before and After Installing WordPress

(hosting, URLs, security, themes and more!)

In this first webinar I will discuss the following points and share my screen live! I will be sharing a lot personal tips and tricks along the way. This webinar is primarily for those newer to WordPress but if you have been using it for years, it will serve as a nice refresher.

You’ll learn:

  1. How to choose the right hosting service
  2. How to choose the right theme for your site
  3. Which plugins will keep your site safe and secure
  4. Which plugins to use for social sharing
  5. How to use widgets for best results
  6. How and where to get help when you need it

Register for part 1 here

Part 2: How to Write your Copy so it SELLS

(content, architecture, headlines and more!)

Tea Silvestre, aka The Word Chef is a writer and marketing consultant who specializes in helping small businesses find and share their secret sauce. This second part of the 2-part series teaches you HOW to create content for the different parts and pages of your website. You’ll learn:

  1. Which questions to answer so that your prospects become customers
  2. How to effectively outline the structure of your site so that your visitors feel at home
  3. How to write catchy headlines and snappy copy
  4. How to communicate so that you’re always building and nurturing new relationships
  5. How and where to get help when you need it

Register for Part 2 here

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