How to Change Tag Cloud Font Sizes – WP Screencast Challenge

I recently offered to provide WordPress answers to my readers in the form of screencasts. In this article we’ll learn how to change the default font sizes in the WordPress Tag Cloud.

This Screencast Challenge question comes from Neal who asks…

In the WP tagcloud please showcase how to make all of the style consistent. In otherwords overide the setting that makes some of the font sizes different. This has always been an annoyance and I can’t figure out how to change. Thanks Adam!

What is the Tag Cloud?

If you’re not familiar, a tag cloud is a grouping of your category or post tags. It allows for easy navigation to related posts on your site based on these tags. By default, the more times a post is assigned a certain tag or category, the larger the font size becomes for that tag or category name.

In the example below, you will notice that the term “WordPress Tutorials” is the largest font displayed. This is because this is the term I use the most:)

How to change the WordPress Tag Cloud font size
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The Problem

Depending on your usage or the theme you use, sometimes the max font size can become HUGE and you might want to either limit that max size or even make all fonts the same size.

Choices for Changing Font Size

  • Edit WordPress core files – NEVER DO THIS!!!
  • Write your own custom function and put it in your theme’s functions.php file.
  • Write your own plugin.
  • Find an existing plugin that does what you need:)

Using the Resize Tag Cloud plugin

I chose to use the Resize Tag Cloud plugin because it does one thing…resizes the fonts in tag clouds.

Here’s the screencast:

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