Free Email Signature Utility You Should Be Using

The use of email signatures are an underused online marketing tool that can produce powerful results and drive very targeted traffic. The people you are emailing personally or professionally should be made aware of your various products and services. What better way to do it than to advertise in a spot they’ll be sure to see?

how to add an email signature
Example Email Signature

How to Attract Attention with your Email Signature?

All major email providers offer you the ability to create simple text signatures, and most even allow you to insert a hyperlink or two. However, most of them also limit the amount of characters you’re allowed to use and many don’t offer the option of adding an image, let alone a series of icons to promote your social marketing accounts. All that has changed with the WiseStamp service.

What is WiseStamp?

In short, WiseStamp is an email app that works with your existing email service and comes as a browser Add-On. Here’s the official description from the WiseStamp site:

Their Email Apps enable users to transform their emails into a powerful self expression and promotional tool.

For users – Email Apps enable you to easily customize your email signatures with your personal social profiles and allows you to add to each outgoing email dynamic content such as your latest eBay item, recent blog post, your latest tweet or a cause to promote. The recipients of your email will see the updated content of the Email App and will be able to also interact with it directly from the email (e.g. retweet or follow in the Twitter App or buy in the eBay App).

How Does It Work and How to Get Started?

As we said above, WiseStamp works as a browser Add-On application and currently supports Firefox, Chrome, Thunderbird, Flock and Safari.

Simply visit the WiseStamp website with a supported browser and you’ll see a button inviting you to install. It will look like the button below, but of course whatever browser you’re using will be listed.

How to Add an Awesome Email Signature to Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, and AOL
WiseStamp Download Button in Safari

The following process is how it works in Firefox. Other browsers are similar.

After restarting your browser, you will see the this Email Signature tool in two places. First, look in the lower right corner of your browser for the WiseStamp icon. When clicked you’ll see a contextual menu pop up with a few choices you can make.

Email signatures as part of your marketing plan
WiseStamp Settings in Lower Right of Browser

If you choose Edit WiseStamp, you’ll see the Preferences window pop up where you can start configuring your email signature.

Email Signature Online Marketing
WiseStamp Preference Pane WiseStamp

Wow right!? That’s what we thought. It gets even better than this though. Next we opened our Yahoo! Mail in our browser and logged in. We choose Compose Message, and guess what we saw!?

Yep, that same icon on the right side of the Format tab.

Promoting Products and Services in Your Email
WiseStamp Settings Icon in Yahoo! New Message Screen

Clicking on this icon also gives you the ability to edit your email signatures, as well as choose which signature you would like to insert (once you’ve created some).

Market your products and services through email signatures
Choose WiseStamp Email Signature to Insert

Are You Using WiseStamp Email Signatures in your Marketing Plan?

Learn more about all the amazing features of WiseStamp.