Pro Guide Series Affiliate Program

This is a quick message to let you know that we’ve opened up our Pro Business Guide Series to affiliates. More detailed information is coming, but in the meantime you can go here to learn more about our initial affiliate program offering.

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The Benefits of Promoting Our Guides

There are several reasons why you would want to promote the guides in our Pro Business series.

  • Offer your visitors additional information to succeed
  • Our guides are detailed and contain high quality content (it’s a no fluff zone)
  • You will earn an incredible 50% of each sale
  • Generate extra revenue from your site, link once and make multiple sales
  • We have many additional guides in the works, soon we will be offering a massive library
  • Our affiliates will be the first to know of new products and services
  • You will receive partner-only discounts on all future products

How to Make Affiliate Sales

Once you sign up as our affiliate there are dozens of ways you can promote our guides.

  • Write a review of our guides on your own website or blog
  • Share your link on Facebook
  • Tweet your link on Twitter
  • Write your own ebook and include your link as a resource
  • Include your link in a video review of our guides

Are We Turning Into a Product Driven Business?

No. Absolutely not. We are still creating 100% free, high quality content daily. It’s true that the last couple of articles here have dealt with our Pro Business Guide series, but it’s only because we’re so excited to be able to offer these guides at such an incredible price.

Our mission is still the same as it was the day we started. To help you succeed in your own online businesses. Creating (and promoting) digital products is one small aspect of generating a real income stream online. Our goal has always been to offer REAL VALUE to our readers and customers and that goal will continue in any product or service that we offer.

We hope you’ll agree that our Pro Business Guides are worth sharing with your own following of loyal readers, customers, and fans.