Google’s Freshness Update Rewards Fresh Content

It’s been a busy year for search engine professionals because Google has kept everyone on his or her toes over the past 6 months. Seldom have we seen the frequency of algorithmic changes at Google that have been on display in the past 6 months, ever since Google decided to inflict Panda-collateral damages over content farms and duplicate content.

Create Fresh Content and Google Will Reward Your Site
Make Your Content Fresh

The heat does not seem to have settled, and now we have another algorithmic update that is aptly named as the ‘Freshness update’. While nobody is clear as to the exact date of the code update at Google, it is clear that the recent algorithm change strives to reward sites that update their content more frequently than the other sites.

In other words, those quality sites that post useful, meaningful and regular updates on their sites are the ones that will stand to gain with this update. This will immediately bring into mind the fact that good news release sites and the press-release sites should stand to benefit post the freshness update.

Obviously, we are not talking about spam-ridden press-release sites but the ones that have some sort of manual intervention to ensure basic quality level of the content being posted on the press-release and the news websites.

The ‘freshness update’ should also bring a cheer to business websites that use blogs as a way to communicate with their community. In fact, this should re-emphasize the need for a corporate and business website to consider adding a professional blog on the website as a preferred method to communicate about changes within the industry at the macro level and the happenings within the company or the business organization at the micro-level.

Such a level of communication and resource sharing with a business’s following is sure going to benefit the organic search engine results over a period of time.

As per Google’s own estimates, the ‘freshness update’ should impact nearly 35% search results. What this essentially means is that those made-for-adsense sites that boast of 5 pages or the sites that have not changed since ages are likely to see some sort of a rank correction in the next few days. On a similar basis, active websites that have an active and bustling community and that also integrate Social Media in the overall marketing strategy of the site should offer rank improvements to such established sites over the next few weeks.

Again, since the ‘freshness update’ is a very recent update. The exact impact and its exact significance will take some time to be understood by the SEO fraternity. Until then, it will be wise to ensure that your business website has some sort of a mechanism to serve related content to its readers on a regular and accruing basis, and that too without fail.


This guest post is written by Rob Smith, a professional SEO writer and a vehicle tracking device analyst. If you are looking to work with the fleet tracking, devices, then Rob can be of immense help and experience in picking the right one for your business needs.