Release Announcement

FooPlugins WordPress and jQuery Plugins
FooPlugins WordPress and jQuery Plugins

The Big News!
We are very excited to announce that went live just hours ago! Head on over to see what we’re up to or keep reading for a little further info…

A Short History
As you may know, FooPlugins is the direct result of the success and experiences of our flagship plugin, FooBox. We’ve worked a lot of long hours in the past few months to make sure that we’re delivering high quality code, service, and support and also adhering to WordPress standards.

I am writing you this post from a hotel in Miami. Why? Because coinciding with our public launch, FooPlugins is also a Silver Sponsor for WordCamp Miami along with some other great sponsors.

If you’d like to stay tuned with what’s going on at the camp, make sure to follow the #wordcampmiami hashtag, they will be are streaming the sessions each day too…very cool. (v1.0)
We currently have eight WordPress and jQuery plugins available. Free and Premium. Please be sure to stay tuned to our FooPlugins Blog as we will be announcing more releases this month, and each month thereafter.

Thank You and Coupon Code
Our entire team want to take this opportunity to thank you again for your interest in what we’re doing. We have been humbled by the great response so far and promise to continue working hard in providing the tools and services that you can use to succeed in your own businesses!

Please use coupon code FOOCAMPERS during checkout.

P.S. – Can I Ask a Favor?
If you like what we’re doing and feel that can be of benefit to your online community, we would be very grateful if you could help us spread the word by sharing us on your social networks, blog posts, or even screaming from the rooftop;)