FooBox Multisite Extension Released at FooPlugins

We’ve released a Multisite Extension for our popular FooBox WordPress lightbox plugin. You can read the details over on our company blog.

Here are a few features of this plugin and why a WordPress Multisite admin would want to use it on their network:

FooBox Lightbox Settings Especially for WordPress Multisite

  • A new slimmed down FooBox Multisite settings page when in network admin. Includes license activation, affiliate settings and a several defaults.
  • Set the settings summary message at a network level.
  • Choose default theme, color, icon and loader icon for all blogs in network.
  • Set default CSS and JS for all blogs in network.
  • Individual sites on the network do not see the update nag.
  • Individual sites on the network do not see the license validation textbox or support tab.
  • Individual sites on the network do not see the Advanced or JS & CSS tabs.
  • Individual sites do not get the affiliate settings. Super admins can set their own FooBox affiliate url across all sites (or not).

Watch the Usage Video

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