How to Add a New Post (Article) in WordPress

Posts are added to your site regularly and will probably be one of the most common and frequent tasks you will do. Think of posts as also being articles. Learn how to efficiently add new posts with this easy video.

WordPress Tutorial Add New Post
Add New Post

New Post Screen

To create a new post for your blog, click on the dropdown arrow next to the posts heading in the left-hand side bar to open the posts module. Click on Add New in the posts module to be taken to the Add New Post screen.

This will allow you to add a new post to your blog. There are a lot of options on this page which will be covered in more detail in other videos.

Create New Post

The most important elements are the post title, editor, categories, and the publish section. The first thing to do is enter a post title and then the tab key to move into the editor section, or click your mouse in the editor section of the screen. Next, type or paste your text into the visual editor.

Post Formatting

You can choose a post format which will determine how your website will display this post. For example, you could have a standard blog post with a title and paragraph, or a short aside which omits the title and only contains the excerpt.

If this format option is missing from your dashboard, it is because your website does not support post formatting. You will need to see your web developer to get post formatting activated.

Categories & Tags

Assign the post to a category to determine where your post will appear on your website.

You can also assign tags to your post to make it easier for your users to find related posts.

Preview and Save

Once you have finished all your editing, simply click on the preview button in the publish module in the right-hand side bar. If everything looks good and you are happy with the changes, you can click on the save button located next to the preview button.

If you are ready to publish your new post, you can publish your changes for the rest of the world to see.

Watch the Video

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