5 Unique WordPress Plugins You Didn’t Know Existed

I’m immersed in the WordPress community and because of this I see a lot of plugins and other tools that don’t seem to get enough love (in my humble opinion).

This post details 5 plugins that I think you should know about because of their unique functionality, but also because I know the developers behind them and can attest to their high quality coding.

Have a look at the 5 plugins below and don’t forget to bookmark this page for your records:)

1. Give Donation Plugin

WordImpress is both a WordPress development agency and maker of high quality plugins and themes. Their flagship plugin is named Give and is a true original in the WordPress plugin space.

If you don’t know, WordPress is utilized by many non-profit organizations because of it’s easy functionality and low cost (free). However, most non-profits accept donations and for that you need eCommerce functionality.

The hurdle (until now) was that in order to accept donations the activation of some kind of eCommerce plugin was usually necessary and with that comes the added cost for Addons in order to provide the “user flow” for donations specifically.

Give solves that problem and it’s free.

Source: WordImpress: Impressive WordPress Plugins and Themes

2. Analytify

Analytify makes Google Analytics for the average WordPress user easier than ever before. It brings the robust data that Google Analytics provides right into the WordPress Administration area and also (optionally) to your site visitors.

If you’re already using Google Analytics (and let’s be honest, who isn’t?) then Analytify will help you to make sense of your traffic data and make better decisions about your existing and new content.

Source: Analytify – Google Analytics in WordPress.

3. Sharelines

Sharelines lets bloggers, journalists and editors create additional post headlines for users to share.
Think about that for a moment. By giving your visitors a CHOICE of the article Headline they want to share, you are making sharing a better (and more likely) option.
Create Sharelines that include calls-to-action, edgy commentary or quotes from the article to better prompt sharing and user engagement across multiple social channels.

Source: Sharelines WordPress Plugin

4. Caldera Easy Queries

Caldera Easy Queries is query builder and display tool that puts the easy back in WordPress.

WordPress is easy, but it can also become quite complex very quickly depending on your specific needs and that usually involves getting your hands dirty with code and I for one, am no programmer.

This plugin allows me to create advanced queries on my WordPress database and then display the results of those queries easily. It’s a true point and click solution for non-programmers like me (and perhaps you?)

Source: Caldera Easy Queries | CalderaWP

5. WebRTC for WordPress

WebRTC for WordPress allows you to easily create a video chat room utilizing webRTC, which is supported by most of the latest versions of modern browsers.

It’s a great alternative to using Skype or Google Hangouts as it lets you host a video chat room right on your own site.

Source: WordPress › wpRTC – WebRTC for WordPress « WordPress Plugins