WPDesigner Announces the Five Dollar Theme Club!

Today I finally received the much anticipated announcement from Small Potato regarding the launch of his FIVE DOLLAR theme club. Yes, you heard me right folks, only Five Dollars! Small Potato has continually released some great themes, and he continues to turn the WordPress theme world on it’s head.

From the WPDesigner website:

What is this club?

This is a WordPress themes club. You pay $5 per year for unlimited access / downloads. Each year, you’re guaranteed at least 12 themes.

What are you allowed to do with the club themes?

You do not need a developer license to use the club themes for your clients. And, you may use your club themes on as many domain names as you wish; make sure you own those domains. Basically, just don’t resell, give them away for free, and / or claim that you’ve created them. Here’s the terms and conditions page.

No Add-ons and Hidden Fees

There’s no copyright or credit removal to purchase or add on to the $5. You pay $5 for the whole year. That’s it. The club themes come without copyright labels or links. In fact, the only trace of Wpdesigner and yours truly is on two short lines in the style.css file.

Themes Support

There are two ways to get help. The first one is through the ticket system from your themes club account. The second one is through the forums, where you’d usually get a faster response because multiple people would be viewing your question at the same time.

Sign Up

All accounts are activated manually. I’ll do it as soon as possible, but please allow at most 12 hours for your account to get activated. Thank you for your patience.

You can get even more details by reading this pdf that WPDesigner put together.

I just signed up, are you going to do the same?

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