WP Screencast Challenge – Get Your WordPress Question Answered Visually

I recently revealed a free video course named Setup for Success over here that teaches you how to get started with a website powered by WordPress. I didn’t anticipate the overwhelming response. I’m humbled but I’m certainly not complaining! Rest assured that I am diligently working on course #2 which will dive into every detail of the Dashboard settings.

Now, onto the task at hand…

Why Am I Doing This?

I’ve received many requests from readers to offer tutorials specific to their needs and although there will be more advanced video courses coming, I’ve decided to do something a little fun and let everyone make their personal requests here.

What Am I Offering?

Plain and simple. You request a screencast on how to do something with WordPress and I make it for you.

Are There Any Rules?

Not really, think of the below as guidelines to try and follow so I can offer you a solution in a timely and effective way.

  • Try not to be overly complicated. Ex: “How do I create a WP theme from scratch?” That’s a little much;)
  • Try to keep it WP related.
  • If I get too many requests, I’ll have to pause the request form until I can get all your questions answered in screencast form. If this happens I’ll put a message on this page and a date when I’ll be taking requests again.
  • All screencasts will be performed on my demo site if possible. If it’s a question that can only be answered by me working on your site, then I’ll email you directly and request access.
  • All screencasts will be posted on WP Modder and include the requester’s name and web address (unless otherwise noted using the form below).

What Do You Want To Know?

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