WordPress Modder Tagline Contest Winner!

We have a winner! If you’re a regular WPM reader, you may remember our recent “WordPress Modder Tagline Contest“. We received some great entries, and after some careful consideration, the winner is…

Mitch at Money News. Mitch posted this comment:


Taglines are always hard to come by, I guess here’s a few simple ones:

Wordpress Tips n Tricks
Using Wordpress just got easier
(Can always substitute ‘using’ with customizing/modding/hacking etc, and easier with other descriptive terms.)
Explore bloggings possibilities
Teach your old blog new tricks.

I’m pretty bad with taglines myself, but sometimes it helps to hear from others to get your mind going. Hope this helps.

We gladly took his advice, and as you can see by our new header, we’ve updated the site to take advantage of his great suggestions. You might notice his ad on our sidebar to the right on our main page.

Thanks Mitch!

…and remember folks; Customizing WordPress just got easier!

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