A WordPress Modder Update

If you’re subscribed to my feed by RSS or email, you may be surprised to hear from me. My last post here was close to seven months ago. There are few reasons for my absence, all of them good. The short story is that life is happening and I’ve been enjoying it (see bottom of post for photographic proof). I’ve also been extremely busy with WordPress development work and managing my own business in addition to working full-time in web development.

With that said, here’s the update…There are a few changes coming that involve this site, the WordPress Modder persona, and another site in development that I hope will be useful to many.

  1. The site will be moving to another, better supported host. I have several personal and client sites hosted with them, and they have proven to provide the best customer service I have ever seen in a hosting company. If you know anything about me, you know I believe that great customer service is the most important quality any business can possess. They also have a pretty good deal when you pay for a year of hosting…you get 50% off that cost using the coupon code WHT50-2010. Check out their plans here.
  2. The domain name will be changing to https://adamwwarner.com. That’s right, I’m finally dropping the wordpress part…long overdue I know. Sorry Matt…but I’m sure he’s not concerned with ‘lil old me anyway. Oh, and it will be on the bleeding edge of WP 3.0.
  3. I’m also re-branding myself a bit. I’ve developed my personal site to highlight my expertise in deploying WordPress-based networks and sites and also to better showcase my name as a brand. I’ve learned quite a bit from working clients in the last several years and this new site will serve as both my development and consulting portal, but also as my training, guidance, and support portal for my existing and future clients. Training and support you say? Let that serve as a hint of what’s to come. By the way, the address is my first and last name, including my middle initial. https://adamwwarner.com. <–Notice the two “W”s in the url for Adam W. Warner.

The next post on https://adamwwarner.com will be a tutorial on using an awesome new WordPress Slideshow Plugin I’ve found. It’s a premium plugin, but well worth the cost. I don’t ever promote WordPress related products that I don’t believe to be useful. I’m pretty sure this one will knock your socks off (as far as slideshow plugins go any;) Oh, and I encourage you to sign up for email updates over there too…I promise you won’t be disappointed…and no spam! Yay!

Oh yeah, almost forgot the proof that I’ve been enjoying life…

The Meatball Challenge

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